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I’m celebrating my birthdayJuly the 25th – by starting my very own blog. My passion for nutrition and food is a gift that I want to share with you. And I’m hoping that we’ll be able to catch up with each other a couple of times per month — right here.

First off, let me say loud and clear: Dietitians LOVE FOOD. We are not the food police. There is no offence in eating! We’re just like you. Whether we’re savouring a sauce, melting milk chocolate in our mouth or crunching on a cucumber. We enjoy eating real food that tastes delicious. Yes, we are focused on improving health through nutrition and food. But it’s important we find healthy food that’s tasty. And this notion that there is “good” food or “bad” food? Or “allowed” food and “not allowed” food? Puh-leeze! Leave that myth at the door before entering my blog. Maybe you’ve heard it before, but the absolute truth is this: All foods fit in a balanced diet.

When I get together with friends or family, I sometimes hear someone say, “Oh, don’t worry this is a low fat ice cream” or “How many calories do you think are in this cookie? “. Guess what? I don’t want the low fat ice cream. I-Want-The-Real-Deal. The rich and creamy, full fat ice cream (you know…the Ben & Jerry’s kind). That being said, through my various posts, I will always give you the “Real-Deal” on nutrition.


Taste always wins– Yes, I care about the fact that such and such food is loaded with soluble fiber and has cancer fighting properties. But most of all, I care about the taste of the food. We both know that if something doesn’t taste good, it’s only a matter of time before we revert back to our old eating habits.

It’s all in the portion– As Dr. James Painter would say, when you buy something based on its size you’ve already made your choice. Meaning — we eat much more from big containers. So, maybe next time you grab a grocery item, remind yourself that great things often come in small packages. And don’t forget to savour it!

Never feel guilty– There’s no perfect diet! Ditch the all-or-nothing thinking. Why not consider the 80/20 rule. Try to make healthy food choices 80 per cent of the time. For the rest of the time? Treat yourself to foods that you love. Guilt-free.

Bottom Line: Take pleasure in food. Keep it simple. Adopt a healthy food philosophy for a happier and healthier life!

What about you? What’s your food philosophy?